Global Service Jam 2015

Global Service Jam 2015

I took part in the Global Service Jam again this year.
It was really difficult trying to write this blog post.
Not down to touchy subjects or anything but because my photos of the weekend are hilarious.
I’ve basically had the giggles for 2 days.

Err… anyway.
The Global Service Jam is all about designing a service from scratch in 48 hours.
I’ve written about it before so I won’t go over it again

We start off with initial ideas.

GSJ Glasgow

Then trends develop and you can start to build something.
Then we formed teams based on those trends.

GSJ Glasgow

The biggest lesson I learn from last year was to go out to ask questions straight away.
Find a problem and build a solution, not the other way around.

GSJ Glasgow
Our concept was based around the idea of time donation.
We asked members of the public out and about about their experiences.
They all talked about having a lack of time on their hands.
We also asked God, who ironically was the only one who managed a day off each week.

Global Service Jam 2015


The results were fed into building a Prototype.
It helped to invent user profiles. We called one imaginary user Alex and the other, Eve.

Global Service Jam 2015

Here’s Dave getting into character as “Eve” our elderly user.

Global Service Jam 2015

This is the real Eve.
We named our imaginary user after her out of tribute (and not out of mischief to annoy her)
Actually Charlotte & Eve here had quite a lot of influence on our finished project.

Global Service Jam 2015

It was interesting to see how we all interpreted the theme.
there were a lot of similarities between groups. Technology’s intrusiveness into our lives seemed to be a shared idea.
Fear of missing out and all that.
The Adventure team here were looking at how social media impacts on young people’s lives and could they create a space that blended online with real world experiences.

Global Service Jam 2015

The Service Jammers looked at the intrusiveness of mobile technology in places like restaurants where instead of talking to each… oh sorry I have to take a call….
Where was I again?
Ah yes, can you create a zone where that sort of thing can’t happen. A mobile black spot on demand.

Global Service Jam 2015

Team Awkward presented us with an outline of a person. One of them drew something on the outline and then handed the pen to the nearest person, who drew something else, who handed the pen on, who drew something, and so on.

Global Service Jam 2015

Global Service Jam 2015

We managed to blag so many of the other teams to be part of our final video.
We didn’t really have the tools to film properly so we were going to demonstrate the service.
It would probably be appropriate to link the final video here, but it’s the end of our acting careers and you can imagine it so much better!

Global Service Jam 2015

Team recycling were looking at ways to encourage and reward recycling behaviour, by turning it into a little game.

Global Service Jam 2015

Half way through the weekend, New York’s Service Jam challenged Glasgow to a dance off.

Global Service Jam 2015

They Lost.

The Global Service Jam is such a great fun event to take part in.
It’s amazing what a small bunch of you can achieve over a weekend.
This year was more fun than last, think it was more connected on social media.
It was great to see how other groups all over the world were responding to the brief.

I wrote a Linkedin article about this year which you can read here.
And you can read my team mate Nikita’s experiences here.

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