Well I was nearly right.
Out of all the fun cameras that Lomography have made this is one of the coolest and possibly the maddest.
And yet, I want one.

Check out the microsite as this is really quite charming.
Some folk have suggested, perhaps slightly unfairly that lomography are designing cameras to eat up as much film as possible.
This certainly is a camera for the bulk load film user if ever there was one.
They also have a reputation for being a bit pricey.
(or insanely expensive for what you get as another way of putting it)

This isn’t too bad.
Cheaper than any of their other recent cameras and this one does something different from anything else you may already have.
So yeah.
I like it and I want one.


One thought on “Lomokino

  1. Really enjoyed looking at your work and blog posts Andrew… and if I had more time..I’d keep looking..but it’s late and I have uni in the morning… soI’ll give up for the night, but will pop back again… See you at one of the meetings…

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