New Camera from Lomography

Lomography have a teaser on their website for their new camera.
It will be unveiled at 11am on November 3rd.

They’ve offered a lot of cryptic clues and some glimpses of it in photographs but what exactly is it?

This was followed by 2 teaser videos.

So can you guess what it is yet?

Here’s my best guess based on the clues in the video.
It’s a 35mm camera that shoots frames that are 1/3rd size of a normal 35mm frame.
It shoots at 3, 8 or 10 frames per second.
To use it you wind the crank and then hold the button just like an old timer movie camera.
That would give you about 108 frames on a roll of film.
So, 36 seconds @ 3fps
13.5 @ 8fps & 10.5 @10fps.
The longest shot in that video lasts 10 seconds so that’s what I’m basing this on.

Will I be right?
If this was Nikon then probably but considering it’s Lomography, probably not.

Was I right? Almost.


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