Lite Touch 120ED – the photos

So after my last post how did the photos from the Nikon Lite Touch turn out.
Well I used some cheapo poundshop film and tried to test it in various situations.
Tried some close up shots and some at full zoom like this one and the next one.


low15th street-8

The camera has very few controls.
You can set it on infinity focus, turn the flash on or off or put it on night portrait mode or as it should be called ‘slow synch flash mode’
The viewfinder zooms to match the lens which is pretty cool and the frame lines keep you sorted if you shoot close up objects.
Your only real control is focus-recompose by holding down the shutter button.
There is a bit of lag though so you do need to pre empt action.
The curse of compact cameras.

I’m pretty impressed by the images from this.
I look forward to making more of them.


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