Nikon Lite Touch 120ED

Nikon LiteTouch 120ED
Nikon LiteTouch 120ED

You’d be shocked at what you can get for less than £10 these days.
35mm compact cameras don’t seem to be valued anymore, there are tons of them available for the same price as a disposable camera and why buy a throw away when you can get some much better.

So I did and it’s a Nikon.

I still think this camera was designed by someone who spilt their lunch on their computer, obviously custard, but it’s pretty good to use.
There are some nifty features too.
The viewfinder zooms in to show you an accurate view as you zoom in or out and there’s a macro mode that you don’t need to activate.

It is quite noisy though, lots of little motor sounds driving the focus and zoom.
We are very much in the realms of point and shoot with this camera, the only controls you get to play with are flash on or off and an infinity focus “landscape” mode and that’s it.
It also winds the film to the end and rewinds as you shoot.

Not sure how the photos come out yet as I’m still shooting my test roll because someone bought the wrong batteries.
The good thing about cameras like this is the age of them.
They are from 2000-03 right before Nikon scrapped the whole lot in favour of digital.
So that means you can find an almost brand new in box camera for less than the price of a take away meal.


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