Why business needs photography.

I’ve been trying to write blog posts with this title for ages as well basically ranting endlessly at people on the subject.
And I think ranting is the correct way to put it.

It frustrates the hell out of me the way that businesses use images, and yes I am saying that as I have a vested interest in it.
It’s virtually impossible to make a living out of cheap faceless stock photos and those images say absolutely nothing of any note whatsoever.

I mean who are these people? Catbert‘s evil HR department or the next candidates on the Apprentice?

(Image: http://www.stock-photos-free.com )

Today the Drum posted a nice little case study showing the effect that a properly designed an coherent ad campaign did for a foster care agency.
The article has statistical data to highlight the point.

I remember seeing the adverts and they seemed to be everywhere for a while.
There was something of Steve McCurry’s famous ‘Afgan Girl’ photo about them in that the images were a little bit confrontational.

At the moment the current in thing for business in Scotland seems to be ‘social media’ and there are suddenly lots of consultants and experts everywhere.
OK that’s not a bad thing but I still feel that everyone is missing something.
Namely, content.
Why should people visit your website, why should they like your stuff on Facebook or tweet or retweet your articles?
How are you going to communicate your message to your customers or your potential customers and please, tell me a better medium to use for that than photography?

I honestly don’t think there is a more powerful medium than photography.


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