Your Creative Mix

My last post I mentioned Corwin Hiebert’s new ebook Your Creative Mix.
I really like the books that Craft & Vision put out and I like reading Corwin’s writings.
He has a nice way with words and makes what could be a dry and unglamorous subject entertaining and insightful.

As I feel like I’m singing from the same hymn sheet I became an affiliate of Craft & Vision sometimes towards the end of last year.
Click the image for the link to their site and if you want to save a dollar then the promo code is MIX4.
MIX20 will get you 20% off the cost of 5 of their titles.

I said in my last post that You Creative Mix was loosely aimed at photography but would be well worth reading for other creative freelancers.
The first half of the book is all about ways to help you grow your creativity but it’s the second half that is dedicated entirely to collaboration that I’m more interested in here.

It picks up on a couple of ideas that I’ve come across from business networking.
The idea that you can’t really be successful if you are a one man band. It is so much easier if you work with people.
Like riders in the Peloton, working together to reach a common goal as opposed to a one man break away.
It’s not impossible to reach your goal but it’s seriously hard going.

The second is about building connections and relationships.
Both in terms of people that you work with and also in terms of building an audience.
Despite what people seem to think, you don’t just suddenly join Facebook, add 500 people that you hardly know, buy yourself some pay per click adverts and find yourself with a full order book.
It doesn’t work like that.
To quote Duke Special “everybody knows that the good things take a little longer”.

Whether you agree with it all or not doesn’t matter.
More to the point, it challenges you and offers a lot of ideas to help you come up with solutions.

I reckon this is pretty much essential reading for photographers and quite possibly for other creative freelancers too.
Well worth 3 quid of anyone’s currency.

Your Creative Mix by Corwin Hiebert
Your Creative Mix by Corwin Hiebert

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