ebooks for the creative freelancer

This week I read two excellent ebooks about working as a freelancer.
They were both skewed a little towards photography but are general enough to apply to and be of interest to other creative freelancers.
The first is Photoshelter’s freelancers online marketing blueprint guide.

I’m fond of Photoshelter, I like their service and it’s something that I use for my own site.
More than that I like the resources that they share for free.
Honestly the amount of stuff on their blog, webinars, ebooks, you name it, is astounding.
This book is well worth checking out, even for other business types as most of the themes are universal

I do not however, share their love of Tequila.

The second is the latest Craft & Vision Ebook by Corwin Hiebert called Your Creative Mix.
As the subheading says its all about “growing your photography business through creativity and collaboration”.
To be honest the subheading probably limits the appeal of the book as you could read this and take a lot from it without being a photographer.
As indeed Corwin himself confesses on page 1. This is a book by a non-photographer.

What I found interesting about both books is how they both establish the things that you’ve got to do and then they completely disagree with each other.
They are two sides of the same coin.
The first book is about overtly promoting your work and the second is almost encouraging you to use stealth.
Or to quote him on it to ‘Elicit Curiosity’.

I’ll write more about this book next week when it comes out but until then I suggest that you check out the faded & blurred podcast interview with the author


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