Film is easy to use – a guide for the “really stoopid”

I seem to be becoming a film photography evangelist these days.
It’s not intentional but the results I am getting from using film right now are great.

I went to the Scribbler’s Picnic, shot the whole thing on film.
I have better things to do than sort through digital files, film saves you that hassle.
I used 4 rolls of film for that event, one of them was an old roll of Ilford Delta 400 that I wanted to use up.

Everything went well until I tried to develop it. I used the wrong chemicals, I opened the wrong bottle and used developer that I’d used before.
Now you have to be really stoopid to mess up developing film.

Basically you have to pour the fixer in before the developer to seriously mess up your development.
It’s hard to confuse them, they are different colours and fixer stinks.
Otherwise it’s as easy as making a cup of tea.

No matter, i figured that the developer would be so weak that it’d have no effect so I just poured it out. Poured in some water and started again with the right stuff.
Turned out perfectly.

Mosh Pit


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