Rollei RPX 100

One of the new films that I wrote about in my year of new film blog post was Rollei RPX 100.
This stuff is really cheap. No scratch that. This stuff is really inexpensive.
You get it in double packs with no frills packaging. No fancy labels, no fancy DX coded film cannisters.
It’s decidedly old school.

I went to the Tall Ships Race in Greenock and took some film to shoot at the event.
I thought it would be a perfect day to test this Rollei stuff out.

Here’s a little preview of what I was doing.

Greenock Tall Ships

This stuff won’t meter in my little Nikon so I had to guesstimate the exposures.
Or copy the setting across from digital as it’s also known.
Cheating? me? why of course

To cut a long story short, this stuff is wonderful.
You get really thick negatives, is quick to develop and scans really well.
And did I mention that it’s really inexpensive? It’s less than £2 a roll.
Greenock Tall Ships

People think using black & white film is difficult or complicated.
It isn’t. any idiot can do it as I’ll demonstrate in my next post….


2 thoughts on “Rollei RPX 100

  1. Where on earth did you find this film priced at less than £2.00 per roll? Please share it with the rest of the world 🙂

    1. Either from AG Photographic in Birmingham or Firstcall photographic or someone like Maco Direct.
      It comes in double packs that cost less than £4 or it comes in bulk rolls that are a bit cheaper than either Kodak, Fuji or Ilfords.

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