Pentax Q system

Pentax Q
Pentax Q

Today Pentax showed off their strange but dinky looking mirrorless camera.
It’s an odd looking beast and has already failed the internet forum gear-bashing test.
The problem is the sensor size, it’s a compact camera sized sensor rather than a dslr sized sensor.
So the image quality will be towards the former.

I have a problem with mirrorless cameras or compact system cameras, basically I don’t see the point.
Sure the Olympus Pen cameras and the Panasonic G series look nice enough but they aren’t actually compact.
Especially with a decent zoom attached.
Don’t get me started on the Sony NEX cameras.
There is an obsession with having bigger sensors,which in turn need bigger lenses to cover them.
Bigger screens, which take up far too much space and higher and higher iso sensitivities.
I feel all of this is getting in the way of making cameras that are actually useful.

NEX is the case in point. The camera may be tiny but the lenses are pretty big.
It may be lighter and less bulky but it’d still take up as much space in a bag as my Nikon D60 or F75 would.
And it certainly doesn’t handle as well as either of those.
NEX makes much more sense to me as a video camera system than a stills camera.

All of these remind me of 80’s cameras.
They’re idiot-proof with little or no proper manual controls.
It gets really frustrating when you’re trying to take a photo and the camera gives you a slow shutter speed because it’s too dark. It’s stuck on a long exposure and you can’t force it to use a higher speed.
How hard would it be to give you that option? I bet every compact cameras or camera phone user has that problem.
How’s about manual controls, aperture/shutter priority and a decent guide mode for the newbies, camera designers please?

So here we have Pentax making a camera that bucks most of these trends.
There’s so much that they get right with this and a couple of things they get wrong.
It’s frustrating that on one hand you have huge camera – ultimate image quality and the other small camera – a bit rough around the edges image quality.

How hard would it be to find the happy medium?

(Image –

…still it is shockingly small


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