my website

A while back I had to give up my website.
At the time I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue with what this photo business stuff,
My priority was recovering from disaster.

I set up this site on as a backup emergency site and I still have my Photoshelter site.
Now I’m starting to be frustrated by the limitations of
My old site was built using and it gave me so much more control and flexibility.
You may ask, ‘what difference does it make?’. The differences are small but significant. is a simplified version of WordPress.
It does most of the same things and is great if you just want a blog site but when you want to do something more complicated you will come up against a wall.
For example I can’t embed slide shows or images from my Photoshelter account into this site but I could on my old site.
I am able to add keywords and tags to all my posts here but I felt the SEO plugin that I had for the old site was different class.
I want to be able to tailor different pages or different parts of my site towards different audiences.

To cut a long story short, I want my old site back.
Do I need it, no probably not, do I want it, hell yeah.
Wordpress if used properly is an immensely powerful tool and I plan to do just that.


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