Poundland Film – Kodak Colorplus 200


While I was in poundland buying batteries and sundries recently I discovered that they were still selling 35mm film called Kodak Colorplus 200.
This makes them one of the last UK wide high street shops selling film.
I bought a couple of rolls to play with expecting it to be junk.

There are a lot of threads on various internet forums discussing this film, some of them not very complementary.
I thought the sample images that I’d seen looked like old fashioned Kodak film, maybe 1980’s film but the general consensus was that the images were grainy and lacked contrast and had low colour saturation.
Even the film cannisters look a bit 80’s.

I can see their point in some respects, the colours are more muted than film like Ektar or Fuji Superia but it’s nice film to shoot with.
The weather made a good testing ground as switched between black skies,raining cats & dogs, to bright sunshine.
It was a better test of dynamic range than you could have hoped for.

Mmost consumer negative film can cope with overexposure quite well but I wasn’t sure how well this film would cope with underexposure.
There was a broken tree down the road that I wanted a shot of before the Council came and removed it. This photo astounded me when I got the film developed.


It was dark, and I mean dark when I shot this.
My old Zorki is starting to stick when using slow shutter speeds so I’m forced into using a higher shutter speed than i’d like.
I expected maybe a grainy mess or a blank frame but instead I think it’s handled this scenario pretty well.

This next shot was overexposed and you can see where the detail in the stonework has been lost.
I thought that I would have been able to get away with that but alas no.

You can see the muted colours at work (or not at work) on this photo.
The grass is a little less greener on this side of the Kodak film line up.

Boating pond Geese

This last photo of Hutcheson’s Halls in Glasgow shows up your lost highlights/shadows pretty well.
I scanned the negative and there was no detail in the cobbles. The print has details so I messed with the levels in Photoshop until the lost highlights were recovered. It makes the sky look so dark and I felt that I’d overdone it, but my print looks like this.
Merchant city poodle walker

I like the slightly retro look you get from this film. It reminds me of the photos that I took as a kid.
The negatives are also easier to scan than something like Ektar.
So all in all a pound well spent then.

The Rest of the set can be found here

Kodak ColorPlus 200 24 exposure 35mm filmUntitled-9Untitled-8Untitled-7Snapped tree #6Doctor Why
Merchant city poodle walkerJabba the HutBoating pond GeeseGeese leaving

Poundshop film, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:


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