about dot me

In these days when everyone has a web presence on so many different sites it’s confusing and a bit annoying to try to keep track of them all.
Do you really need to add me to your friend-face-square-tuber.com list and if you do do you need to find me on each of these sites.

Equally I’m sick of business cards, I don’t want to print any more and I really can’t be bothered collecting any more.
They are for the most part, utterly pointless.
What happens if my site goes down or if I change the URL?
Paper can’t take that into account

So that’s where a site like about.me comes in.
It is your business card and the link to all your various sites all rolled into one.

You can find me at http://about.me/andrewmckenna or by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page.


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