Compose yourself?

About a year ago I had to replace one of my lenses.
My 50mm lens had developed a sticking aperture and it cost less to buy another than it did to have it repaired so that was what I did.
For the next few months I’d carry around my little camera with this lens on it and found that it was having an effect on the way that I frame and compose images.

Consciously or subconsciously I found myself making more and more bold images.
That 50mm lens on my digital camera gives quite a tight view so you really must concentrate on one subject and frame it carefully.
It forces you into taking ‘a less is more’ approach.

After a while of doing this I was finding myself noticing repeating patterns and seeing abstract shapes rather than seeing the scene in front of me. Then I realised what was going on.

About ten years ago I saw an exhibition of the Swiss/German artist Paul Klee.
I loved his later work where he had boiled down his images to simple shapes and colours and lots of lovely textures.
Equally I’m a fan of the later works of Henri Matisse.
He was too ill in his later life to be able to work as he did before so he improvised and did something else. He used cut out paper to build images of pure colour and shape.

Without thinking about it I have found myself doing the same thing.
My self imposed limit has made me go back to the things I studied many years ago and I’ve adapted it into my work.
Here are some examples taken over the last year, none of them shot with my 50mm lens.




Cherry Blossum



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