Long lost photographs. The Howling Bells & St Jude’s Infirmary. 15th March 2007

I’ve been slowly working my way through developing some old film.
Don’t know why they didn’t get developed at the time.
(probably something to do with being massively skint and not being able to afford more developing chemicals.)
Most of the shots on the film I expected to be from the Spectrum Festival at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh but one roll proved to be older.

It turned out to be of the Howling Bells playing at Cabaret Voltaire with St.Jude’s Infirmary in support from March 2007.
I shot this gig for a mag back then and managed to grab some shots for myself on film or to hedge my bets in case something went wrong.

Of course something went wrong.

On my return home that night my computer motherboard blew up.
I managed to cobble together a back up machine to be able to post my (not very well processed but as good as I was able to) photos.
I narrowly avoided losing all the date from that machine and that failure crippled me for several months.
In contrast that film has survived, admittedly mostly forgotten, for four years.

St Jude's Infirmary
St Jude's Infirmary
Howling Bells
Howling Bells
Howling Bells
Howling Bells

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